Cultural agenda April 2019

Get no

Day: 27 of April of 2019

Location: SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre, Neopàtria 54 · 08030 Barcelona

Schedule: 20:30h

Price: 15,50 €   Preu socis/es: 8€ (Dues entrads a 8€ cadascuna, titular + acompanyant)

Telephone: 933457930

E-mail: info@sat-teatre.cat

Web: http://https://www.sat-teatre.cat/programa/premi-de-dansa-it/

Get no

GET NO - Cia. La Quebrá
A special hunch occurs before the wish is fulfilled. At that moment, when the warning panel indicates that the plane is on the runway, while the passengers still spy the mystery of the ferns around the airport, in the lobby the feet remember as if by spell a secret zigzag to draw on the ground, a Shifting the weight that is prayer and at the same time squeezing the heart like a damp cloth in the middle of the chest. Get It's not a piece about satisfaction and planes.

Artistic sheet:
Choreography: Irene Garcia / La Quebrá in collaboration with the interpreters.
Dramaturgy: Aleix Duarri
Scenic space and lighting: Sergi Cerdan
Costumes: Sergi Cerdan
Interpreters: Jesús Aragón, Blanca Tolsá, Julia Sanz, Joel Mesa, Diana Rigata and Ariadna Mestre.

Contemporary dance

Within the PREMI DANSA IT programming that includes the two shows:
(Get no / Unitats of xoc II)
Cia. La Quebrá / Tuixén Benet

S. 04/27/2019
Hours: 20: 30h
Duration: (25 min + 25 min)
Price: € 15.50

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the creation of the Dance Section, the Institute of Theater instituted the Choreographic Prize aimed at young creators and performers to make them known and facilitate their employment.

The prize consists in endowing with economic resources to four selected projects in contest so that they make a brief presentation in the Mercat de las Flors at the end of December, where the winner will be chosen, that will be able to release his complete choreography in the Festival Grec 2019.

The SAT! he also collaborates with the selection of two of the four finalist projects, to whom he will offer the opportunity to develop his pieces and present them to the public in a longer format.