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September 2020
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Cursos mensuales, trimestrales y anuales

Feldenkrais Method / awareness through movement, at tragantDansa

Closing date for registration: 11 of October of 2019

Day: From 14 of October to 16 of December of 2019

Schedule: Monday from 20:15 to 21:45h

School/Place: tragantDansa

Organiser: tragantDansa

Location: c/ Reig i Bonet 23, Baixos (Gràcia) · 08024 Barcelona

Level: All levels

Style: Other

Professor: Èlia Genís

Price: 110€ trimestre / 14€ classe solta €

Telephone: 666285715



Feldenkrais Method / awareness through movement, at tragantDansa

Feldenkrais Method / awareness through movement, with Èlia Genís

Monday from 20:15 to 21:45h
110€ trimester / 14€ single class

AREA: Awareness through body and movement. Personal growth.
EXPERIENCE: open to everyone. For those who start in this body language and people with years of experience in dance and body practices and dancers.

We will go deep into our structure and skeleton knowledge, through a few simple movements, arranged in a sequence (ATM) that will cause changes in our breath and range of movement. The aim of this learning gained through experience is to find a new organization for the action that allows us to move with more ease and lightness. Reducing the effort, we will focus on the quality of how a movement is performed rather than on the movement itself, its form. This practice is a challenge to keep us into the here and now of our experience paying attention to ourselves within action. In this work of self-awareness, the teacher guide students verbally through a sequence of simple functional movements, giving everyone the chance to explore and investigate movements at its own pace.

"Through awareness we can learn to move with impressive freedom and lightness" Moshe Feldenkrais

Èlia Genís (Barcelona)

She first studied classical dance at the Royal Academy of London, Dramatic Body Expression and Movement Dance Therapy. She has studied the Keep Moving method with Mercedes Boronat and she is trained as teacher and therapist in Feldenkrais Method, and then studied the third year of Choreography and Interpretation Studies at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. Creator and performer of the piece Cinc solos acompanyats (Newcastle) and in other pieces in collaboration with young choreographers such as Montse Roig, Sonia Fernández Lage among others. She has also collaborated as a dancer in several choreographic projects by Mercedes Boronat, Les Filles follen and Sabine Dahrendorf in the piece Epileg d´un inici.

Regular Courses at tragantDansa

Regular courses take place from October till June and are divided in 3 periods or quarters every year. Each period include 10 or 12 weeks of classes. This Autumn we offer courses: Contemporary Dance (basic and intermedium levels), Contact Improvisation, Creative Movement, Feldenkrais Method, Yoga.

We pause between periods of regular courses to coincide with holiday periods. In these holiday periods as wll as during weekends we offer Intensive Workshops and Residecial Courses at tragantCamp.

Applications and payments: or writing at [email protected]


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