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Premi Nacional De Cultura 2011

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August 2020
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Directori d'espectacles


Angela Peris Alcantud

Dansa Contemporània

" "All is a song, all is a dance, all is a movement, a rhythm, a word. all is the same, all is different. In the duet ALLES ( ALL ), Koldo Arostegui and Angela Peris Alcantud play with the idea of doing everything at once. By using only their voices and bodies they transform into water, earthquakes or helicopters. They sing songs and jabber, they dance and drum. The univers in big and Koldo and Angela celebrate this in a rhythmical, colourful and dynamic performance."

ALLES is a beautiful place for children to understand the magic of sound in movement and how
sound can be tangible and modifies what sorround us. It is 35 minutes long and after the
performance we also include a small workshop of the sounds that appear in ALLES (no more
than 5 min. long). With this after-performance experience the kids can reapeat and try
what they have learned and go home with a taste of this plurallity of sounds, songs and
fantasies, as a present. We show them our world, we take care of their reactions, we react on
their actions, we perform everything again, and it's always different, and is always the same. "
Nom de l'espectacle: ALLES (ALL)
Companyia: Angela Peris Alcantud
Director: Angela Peris Alcantud
Coreògraf: Alma Soderberg & Angela Peris Alcantud
Núm. Intèrprets: 2
Nom dels intèrprets: Angela Peris Alcantud & Koldo Arostegui
Any de producció: 2012
Estils de dansa: Dansa Contemporània
Tipus de públic: Infantil
Tipus d'espai on es pot actuar: Sala
Amb música en directe: 1
Persona de contacte: Angela Peris Alcantud
Email de contacte: [email protected]

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  • ALLES (ALL) +4.

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Associació de Professionals de la Dansa de Catalunya - Ens movem junts/Nos movemos juntos/We move together

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