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Premi Nacional De Cultura 2011

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May 2020
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Directori d'espectacles

Circo de hilo y de aire

Antonella D'Ascenzi

Dansa Contemporània, Dansa creativa

" A dancer builds a fantasy world with everyday objects, transforming clothes on characters and strange animals that play with her and animate the space. It is a world that has a routine out of common rules within a poetic, grotesque, ironic architecture.
Every gesture, every attitude and every object can have a thousand meanings in an attempt to beat the daily processing, where each task emanates dreams and magic ... and where the game becomes ritual. Everything starts when the Circus close and the only apprentice-puppet that has been - or has been forgotten - spend your time cleaning, tidying and arranging the Circus stage. With a little imagination, she will transform most boring occupations in wonderful games, dances and stories that Circus will travel adventures around the world, to reach his dream of becoming tightrope walker ...
Daily use objects become characters in a game reminiscent of the children ability to change the world around them in a fantasy game "
Nom de l'espectacle: Circo de hilo y de aire
Companyia: Antonella D'Ascenzi
Director: Pasquale Marino
Núm. Intèrprets: 1
Nom dels intèrprets: Antonella D'Ascenzi
Any de producció: 2014
Estils de dansa: Dansa Contemporània, Dansa creativa, Dansa Teatre, Multidisciplinar, Altres
Tipus de públic: Infantil
Tipus d'espai on es pot actuar: Altres espais, Carrer, Sala
Persona de contacte: Antonella D¡Ascenzi
Email de contacte: [email protected]

Fotos de l'espectacle

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Vídeos de l'espectacle

Piccolo Circo de hilo
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  • Piccolo Circo de hilo

Fitxa tènica de l'espectacle


Associació de Professionals de la Dansa de Catalunya - Ens movem junts/Nos movemos juntos/We move together

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