Employment facilities

Job offers*
We receive employment vacancies and notify our members about them. Aside from  working towards an Employment Agreement for the sector, we also provide specific information on employment related topics. including job opportunities not only in Catalonia, but also around the world.

Directory of professionals*
We offer a very comprehensive directory of professionals where each member puts his/her curriculum and can as a result receive job offers. The objective is to create a network that helps the different businesses and people heading up projects to find suitable collaborators and professionals to work

Every member has their own space in the directory of professionals and can place their curriculum in several languages. The directory also means that the member has his/her own website space which then becomes part of a database of professionals where information is exchanged.

Invoicing facilities
In the Dance and Performing arts sectors, work for our professionals in general, and the contracts they sign, tend to be intermittent. In order to alleviate this situation, also an issue that musicians face, the APdC has come to an agreement with La Bonita, allowing our members to use their invoicing services.

The APdC is aware that this service is just a remedy and not a solution.  The ideal situation we are
working towards is an improvement in the conditions of freelance workers in the  Performing arts sector, or that all those  companies or organisations that employ artists for performances actually contract these professionals.

*Exclusive benefits for professional associate members

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