Cultural agenda October 2019

ÀER, from Laia Santanach, at SAT TEATRE

Day: 24 of October of 2019

Location: SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre, Neopàtria 54 · 08030 Barcelona

Schedule: 20:30h

Price: 15,50 €   8€ (Dues entrades a 8€ cadascuna, titular + acompanyant)

Telephone: 933457930

E-mail: difusio@sat-teatre.cat

Web: http://www.sat-teatre.cat/programa/aer/?occurrence=2019-10-24

ÀER, from Laia Santanach, at SAT TEATRE

Cia. Laia Santanach
Thurs. 20: 30H
€ 15.50
Winning piece of the Delfí Colomé award

This piece of contemporary dance and electronic music for four performers reflects on the origin and execution of the counterpart, a traditional dance of the late nineteenth century that - according to experts - only men danced. Àer rethinks this dance and its religious origin from a current, personal and subjective perspective. Its solemn and serious character is maintained, but a choreography is built in which the genre loses importance.

Idea and direction: Laia Santanach
Choreography: Laia Santanach in
collaboration with the interpreters
Interpreters: Anna Hierro, Laia
Santanach and Mario G. Sáez
Music: Carlos Martorell
Choreographic advice: Sonia Gómez
Counter advice: Lali Mateo, Carles Mas, Ángel Margineda and Pilar López