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Premi Nacional De Cultura 2011

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Cultural agenda October 2019

TRAM ALIANSAT (Seven short pieces in one session), at SAT TEATRE

Day: 25 of October of 2019

Location: SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre AL, Neopàtria, 54 · 08030 Barcelona

Schedule: 20:30h

Price: 15,50 €   8€ (Dues entrades a 8€ cadascuna, titular + acompanyant)

Telephone: 933457930



TRAM ALIANSAT (Seven short pieces in one session), at SAT TEATRE

Seven short pieces in one session
Fri. 20: 30H
€ 15.50
Sample of seven short pieces in a single session, of the six companies that are part of the ALIANSAT project.

from Cia. Wilky_Troc
Cia. Miquel Barcelona
Morir no corre prisa
Cia. Mar Gómez
The kiss & the pietá
cia. La taimada
The Jamalara de la Tratano
Cia. Siberia / Paloma Muñoz
Great human
Cia. La Quebrá
Entre tu i yo
Cia. Mar Gómez

WONDERLAND (15 ') Cia. Wilky_Troc
Meritxell Checa presents an apocalyptic landscape where
The human lives before his own extinction. The imaginary is
the only thing left to feel alive and to survive.
Creation and interpretation: Czech Meritxell / Technical design: Begoña

VAIVÉ (15 ') Cia. Miquel Barcelona
Tanzhaus Zürich Prize in the Choreographic Contest of Madrid
2018. A contemporary dance duo that, through
pendular, repeated and cyclic movements, generates an experience
Hypnotic and timeless.
Creation and interpretation: Laia Santanach and Miquel Barcelona /
Music: Raime & Tree

MORIR NO CORRE PRISA (5 ') Cia. Mar Gómez
The fate of two characters who are in a situation
Desperate, it will cross unexpectedly. How to die not
hurry up, it is always better to leave it for later.
Artistic direction: Mar Gómez / Choreography and performers: Mar
Gómez and Xavier Martínez

THE KISS & THE PIETÁ (20 ') Cia. La taimada
This duo that is inspired by two of the most powerful images
of art history: Klimt's Kiss and La Piedad de
Miguel Angel. The hug that caresses life and the hug
That sustains death.
Idea and direction: Olga Álvarez / Choreography: Angie Mas, Nicolas
Ricchini and Olga Álvarez / Interpreters: Marc Fernández and Angie Mas /
Music: Carlos Martorell

LA JAMALARA DE LA TRATANO (20 ') Cia. Siberia / Paloma Muñoz
Paloma Muñoz investigates his own choreographic language.
It's a job you usually do in the rehearsal room,
in a loneliness that provokes countless questions without
response, inventions, methodologies and monologues.
Choreography, direction and interpretation: Paloma Muñoz / Sound space:
Guillem Llotge / Lighting: Ana Barroso

GREAT HUMAN (13 ') Cia. La Quebrá
And the future of humanity? From this question is born
this duo that navigates between the past, the present and the future,
between the mechanical and the human, and that suggests what
It resides beneath the surface.
Choreography: Irene García with the collaboration of the interpreters /
Interpreters: Jesus Aragón and Diana Rigat

ENTRE TU I JO (5 ') Cia. Mar Gómez
A story of love, humor, sex and passion in a greenhouse.
Cia. Mar Gómez returns to express her particular sense
of humor to explain the explosive and contradictory beginning of a
Artistic direction: Mar Gómez / Choreography: Xavier Martínez /
Interpreters: Mar Gómez and Xavier Martínez


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