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August 2020
Cultural agendaTraining

Intensive courses

FACE-TO-FACE Workshop: The musicality of the gesture with Federica Porello at tragantDansa

Closing date for registration: 10 of July of 2020

Day: From 13 to 16 of July of 2020

Schedule: from Monday to Thursday, 17:30 to 20:30h

School/Place: tragantDansa

Organiser: tragantDansa

Location: c/ Reig i Bonet 23, Baixos (Gràcia) · 08024 Barcelona

Level: All levels

Style: Contemporary

Professor: amb Federica Porello

Price: Search   85€ socis/es APdC

Telephone: 666285715



FACE-TO-FACE Workshop: The musicality of the gesture with Federica Porello at tragantDansa
Tristan Perez Martin

- Intensive Workshops - July 2020 -

THE MUSICALITY OF THE GESTURE (Improvisation), with Federica Porello

date: July 13th to 16th
from Monday to Thursday, 17:30 to 20:30h

price: 90€ all the course / 25€ single sessions (small group)
discount: 10% discount if you sign up for more than one course / 65€ APdC members and tragantDansa students from 2019-20 Course *(Discounts are not cumulative)

AREA: technique - exploration
EXPERIENCE: workshop open to different experiences and movement practices, as well as multiple levels

FACE-TO-FACE COURSE with all the hygiene, disinfection and security measures required

- The musicality of the gesture (improvisation) -

The analogy between dance and music provides an inexhaustible amount of tools and a way to produce and read the movement that enhances creativity, precision, as well as the listening of the gesture's voice.

We will explore musical aspects as tones, dynamics, durations, volumes in the field of movement, in order to generate a polyphony of actions in our body and in relation to the group.

We will work on the different aspects of this relation through practices based on improvisation, which will allow us to place ourselves in a creative state of alertness and listening to the present:

the articulation of the gesture, to move from one form to the other, to explore how we move, as well as the clarity and readability of the movement;
the dynamics, to travel between the control and the lack of control, in the imbalance, in the suspension, to be carried away and to take the reins of the actions;
muscle tension, to support, to sustain, to push, to receive, to move and to be moved by the other, exploring how the variation of muscle tone causes different physical and emotional reactions;
the relationship, to copy the gesture of the other or compose a rhythm to more voices;
dissociation, to fragment the unity of the body into different parts;
the silence, the intensity and the importance of the pauses in the instantaneous writing of the choreographic phrases.

We will use these elements, separately and in connection, as the starting point to compose a visual music, and to experience the communicative potentials of this vocabulary.

Federica Porello

Dancer, teacher and creator, Federica Porello trained at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels between 2002 and 2006. After graduating, she works with choreographer Marlene Monteiro Freitas, visual artist Anne Kathrine Dolven, the theater company Tg Stan, the puppet theater company AdonK!, the shadow theater company Le Théâtre from Nuit, and dance company ACME / Albert Quesada.

She currently works with the company Mal Pelo and ZOO / Thomas Hauert, and is a member of the Group LaBolsa and RITMO (International Network of Puppet and Object Theater). In 2013, she starts an investigation around the musicality of the gesture and the bridges between dance and objects manipulation. She presents her research in workshops and laboratories, which was the starting point for the creation of the WeWood show (2018), in collaboration with Xavi Moreno and Marine Broise.

In 2017, she receives the prize "Ciutat de Barcelona" and the Barcelona Critics Award for the interpretation of Bach, a performance by Maria Muñoz/Mal Pelo, created in 2004 and trasmissed to her in 2016. In 2019 she's nominated for the Premio Butaca of Barcelona as best female interpreter for her performance in On Golberg Vartiations/ Variations by Mal Pelo.


- General information and applications -

We are really happy to restart the face-to-face classes with the Intensive Courses for July.
For people who live far away and / or prefer to continue with Online Classes, we also maintain some courses in this format.

For face-to-face classes, we will take the hygiene-disinfection and security measures stipulated so that we can do the activity. We will upload more detailed information soon.

Check our web to see the program with all the July intensive courses:

For applications: or writing to [email protected] / 666 28 57 15


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