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August 2020
Cultural agendaTraining

Cursos mensuales, trimestrales y anuales

Contemporary Dance (Level II-III), at tragantDansa

Closing date for registration: 11 of October of 2019

Day: From 15 of October to 19 of December of 2019

Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 11:30h

School/Place: tragantDansa

Organiser: tragantDansa

Location: c/ Reig i Bonet 23, Baixos (Grŕcia) · 08024 Barcelona

Level: Intermediate and Advanced

Style: Contemporary

Professor: Sol Vázquez

Price: 180€ trimestre / 110€ paquet 10 sessions / 14€ classe solta €

Telephone: 666285715



Contemporary Dance (Level II-III), at tragantDansa

Contemporary Dance II - III, with Sol Vázquez

Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 11:30h
180€ trimester / 110€ 10 session pack / 14€ single class

AREA: movement technique
EXPERIENCE: between 3 - 4 years of continued experience in contemporary dance and movement techniques.

I understand the learning of dance through the exploration and practical investigation of the body as a trigger of information. Through dance, we can understand and make better use of our body in action and thus improve our technique.

Going from a basic training to warm us with the use of energetic lines, alignment, precision and strenght, the proposal of this class is based in the aim to control our body and generate a flexible and active thinking. 4 will be the basic goals: the relationship with the floor and the space, the integration of all the body parts, the fluidity of action and the perception of the body in space. Once this combination of concepts is achieved we will be ready to throw ourselves towards the freedom of movement. Among other things we will link: weight, rhythm, impulse, balance, falls, jumps, turns through different combinations and the exploration of a shared space, in every plane, both on the floor and standing, modeling a 'non empty' space. We will use tools from release, flying low, contact and improvisation.

Sol Vázquez (Argentina / Barcelona)

Born in Argentina, she lives and Works in Barcelona. With a degree in classical and contemporary dance from the Art de Mar del Plata in Argentina. In her native city she has worked with independent companies. She establishes herself in Barcelona in 2002 and continues her education independently with various techniques such as release, flying low, contact, and improvisation among others. As a teacher she has worked from 2006 till 2012 with the Aula de Teatre in Mataró and nowadays she teaches
courses and workshops in various institutions. She was part of Art Trŕnsit Dance Company, as assistant and dancer between 2005 and 2012. She now works as a freelance with the companies Enclave Arts del Moviment with Roberto Oliván, with Sebastián García Ferro's company and with Atempo Circ Company, and with Roser López Espinosa in her last work 'November'.

Regular Courses at tragantDansa

Regular courses take place from October till June and are divided in 3 periods or quarters every year. Each period include 10 or 12 weeks of classes. This Autumn we offer courses: Contemporary Dance (basic and intermedium levels), Contact Improvisation, Creative Movement, Feldenkrais Method, Yoga.

We pause between periods of regular courses to coincide with holiday periods. In these holiday periods as wll as during weekends we offer Intensive Workshops and Residecial Courses at tragantCamp.

Applications and payments: or writing at [email protected]


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