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July 2020
Cultural agendaTraining

Formación varios

Training Program [inside MOVEMENT]

Closing date for registration: 29 of November of 2019

Day: From 13 of January to 19 of June of 2020

Schedule: From Tuesday to Friday, mornings

School/Place: tragantDansa

Organiser: tragantDansa

Location: c/ Reig i Bonet 23, Baixos (Gràcia) · 08024 Barcelona

Level: Intermediate level

Style: Contemporary

Professor: Olga Tragant, Sol Cordero, Maria Hernando, Maria Mora, Ester Momblant, Sara Pons i Sol Vázquez

Price: 1980€ (dividit en 6 pagaments) €

Telephone: 666285715



Training Program [inside MOVEMENT]

Training Program [inside MOVEMENT]
Integrating: awareness, technique, creation and thinking

[inside MOVEMENT] is an education/training program in Contemporary Dance directed by Olga Tragant, that integrates various areas and contents: movement technique, experiential anatomy/sensory awareness, creative work and theory and thinking.

[inside MOVEMENT] is directed to any person - with previous experience in body work and contemporary dance- interested in going deeper into the dance and movement knowledge. This program offers some essential materials that can be used into it's in a diversity of professional areas and/or help into personal development.

*** objectives ***

+ To offer solid and quality knowledge in contemporary dance

+ To offer an education program that integrates and relates various contents: body awareness, movement technique, creative work and a place for thought and reflexion.

+ To offer experiential and theoretical tools to open up new movement possibilities, self-awareness, expression and creativity, through body work and dance.

+ To offer a learning experience in dance focused on fundamental contents so that each individual can later on (in) corporate then into their professional field (education, social, health, artistic, etc), and/or personal development.

+ To offer an education in dance that can favor health and well-being.

*** areas of work - contents ***

- area: movement technique and training

Work directed to the movement study and it's principles, as well as motor learning. We will look for improving movement mechanics and different skills and physical abilities of the body in movement, coordination, and movement memory. We will work through directed conditioning exercises, technique work, movement phases and choreographic sequences as well as through exploration work and research on movement principles and patterns. This area includes the clases:

Contemporary Dance
Contact Improvisation
Body Weather Training
Axis Syllabus

- area: creative work

Work addressed to the learning of tools and resources related to artistic creation, from body and movement language. We will look for unfolding and improving the creative potential of each individual and to go on discovering the own artistic criteria. We will work through proposals into improvisation, working on composition tools and resources and through the development of creative works in groups and individualy. This area includes:

Improvisation - creation
Butoh Dance
Instant Composition
Dance in the Nature at tragantCamp
Creation Laboratory

- area: work of awareness

Work addressed to improve the use of our own body, it's awareness, efficiency and subtleties.
 We will look for tuning our sensorial and motor capacities. We will study and (in)corporate various movement patters so to arrive to an open, available and healthy body/mind.
We work through the study of experiential anatomy and the practice of sensory awareness and the awareness through movement and yoga. This area includes:

Anatomy and Sensory Awareness
Hatha Vinyassa Yoga

- area: theoretical knowledge

Introductory cartography of diverse movements in dance and relevant creators in the history of contemporary dance of the XX and XXI century. Study and thinking about visions and criteria related to creation, art and movement- dance language, composition, drama, etc. We will do it through oral presentations leaded by Olga, work-presentations by students individually and in groups, debate - talks and video projections.

*** what does the program include ***

+ weekly classes
16 hours face-to-face/week
Mornings: tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays and fridays
Total of 352 hours of weekly classes
*According to each student's level, the class of Contemporary Dance technique will be done in different morning groups.

+ workshops 

4 workshops spread in 3 periods within the program. The workshps Dance in Nature and Creation Lab will take place at tragantCamp. This workshops will include the stay at tragantCamp (l'Alzina de l'Aguda, la Noguera), and will include 3 complete days (Dance and Nature: March 27, 28 and 29th), (Creation Lab: June 5, 6 and 7th)

The other 2 workshops will be directed by 2 invited professionals and will be held at tragantBarcelona during the regular time for classes.

+ sessions and single classes with professional guests

+ required tasks and projects

+ open doors to the Creative Work proposal
Friday April 30th, Performance for the Dance International Day
Friday July 12, Presentation of the Creative Work

+ Individual tutorials /meetings

+ space available for rehearsals

*** to whom is it adressed to ***

This program is adressed to any person who wants to achieve an artistic development going deep into the learnings of contemporary dance and its diferent sites: body awareness, technique, creation, and theory-thinking. 

Bases in Contemporary Dance is required, and/or in other body - movement works and/or performing arts and/or Creative - improvisaton Works.

Technique class in Contemporary Dance will be possible in different levels and grups (if considered necesary), according to each person's experience.

Maximum involment and comittement is asked and is expected throught the Program so learning and enrichment can be optimal.

*** direction - teachings

The direction and coordination of this Education Program will be held by Olga Tragant. We will have different guests artists/professionals that will give some sessions and workshop in each of the areas and contents.

sol cordero / subject: Hatha Vinyassa Yoga
maria hernando / subject: Movement Technique. Contemporary Dance
maria mora / subject: Axis Syllabus
ester momblant / subject: Contact Improvisation
sara pons / subject: Body Weather
sol vázquez / subject: Movement Technique. Contemporary Dance
olga tragant / subject: Anatomy and awareness, Creation Work, Theoretical Knowledge

*** application ***

If you are interested in taking part of this Program and be part of the group, you need to send us:

+ Fill out and send the Application Form

+ General Curriculum + Dance related Curriculum

+ Motivational Letter

+ Optional: visual material (photos, videos) of work that you have dancing or work that you have created

Application deadline: November 24th 2019

As soon as we recieve your apply, we will call you for an interview.
After the interview, we will discuss if you need to do some practical tests. Send us all the information: [email protected] (Subject: Formació [inside MOVEMENT ] 2020)

+ info:


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