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Fecha límite para la inscripción: 18 de noviembre de 2019

Día: Del 19 al 24 de noviembre de 2019

Horario: de 10 a 18H

Escuela/espacio: Centre Cívic La Barceloneta

Organizador: Maria Mora, candela Ramos

Lugar: Carrer Conreria 1, · 08003 Barcelona

Nivel: Todos los niveles

Estilo: Otros

Profesor: Baris Michi, Francesca Pedulla, Ayelet Yekuyiel, Zoe Solomons, Maria Mora

Precio: 190 €   no
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Teléfono: 676332989


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Candela Ramos

Axis Syllabus Fall Event Barcelona
5 days of movement research labs, classes and workshops
19-24 November 2019

19/11 - Reflected selection- with Baris Mihci
20,21,22/11 -Teachers Lab-
20/11 - Tango and Axis syllabus- with Zoë Solomons and Candela Ramos
23+24/11 -The Polyrhythmic body- with Francesca Pedullà and Lorenzo Gasperoni (Live music)

The Axis Syllabus International Research Network (ASIRN) is composed of professionals and researchers from various fields: Dance, Martial arts, Physical Therapy, Physics, Anatomy, Physiology, Bio-Mechanics, Cultural Studies, Pedagogy, Medicine and more.

The Axis Syllabus is a collection of information, a toolbox of principles regarding the human body in motion, assembled from various approaches and complementing fields. It offers lenses through which we can look at complex movement situations that include multiple factors and conditions, such as crawling, roling, walking, jumping, dancing, playing and executing daily movements. Learn how to perceive and understand their multi-layered facets and influencing factors, with the intention to act, live and move in them in a sustainable fashion.

19/11 - Reflected selection- attentive practice for dancing with Baris Mihci

Movement and dance has been a constant inspiration and heritage for humans. Though sharing similar structures and biology humans choose to move in very different ways across the world. While certain choices reflect similarity we seem to have also a huge range of possibilities when deciding how to move.
In this mini-workshop İ would like to take the time together to look at details concerning human architecture. We will try to explore and understand reasons for choosing certain parameters for how to move.
How does a context influence choices? How does our Anatomy respond to them? How could sensing and research collaborate together more efficiently?
We will use different approaches for practicing basic and complex movement coordination, play with fluidity and rhythm and get moved around into dancing.

20,21,22/11 -Teachers Lab -

The ASIRN Teachers Laboratories are gatherings aimed at researching, updating and editing the Axis Syllabus database. It offers members the opportunity to teach for one another, and receive peer and mentor feedback. To get inspired, enrich and refine pedagogical and communication tools and the embodiment of discussed principles.

10:00 to 11:30 - Morning Training with certified Axis Syllabus teachers
Maria Mora Alcolea, Zoë Solomons, Ayelet Yekutiel.
* Open to all participants.

12,00 to 13:30 - Lab Class with Candidates to be certified as Teachers.
* Open to all participants.

15:30 to 18:00 - Teachers Lab.
* Open to anyone interested.

23+24/11 The Polyrhythmic body with Francesca Pedullà and Lorenzo Gasperoni

Schedule: 10:30-13:30 + 15:30-17:30

The polyrhythmic body
Investigating the dialogue between music and the moving body
Live Music and live electronic: Lorenzo Gasperoni

The polyrhythmic body is a pedagogical project inspired by the relationship between polyrhythms and the dancing body in the cultures of West Africa and the Diaspora. In these traditions, dance and music are inextricably linked, in continuous dialogue. Mirroring each other, they come together in a single language that is in continuous metamorphosis.

In our proposal we merge the inherent wisdom of tradition with the latest studies in somatic practice, anatomy biomechanics and musical analysis with the aim to facilitate a deep intimacy between live music and the moving body.
Through experiment, guided improvisation, games and short dance phrases we suggest ways to gather skill and awareness, as well as engender and enhance creative expression:

Recognize a rhythmical structure
Move with or in opposition to the rhythm
Influence or be influenced by a rhythmic phrase
Compose your own rhythmical movement
Dance together without loosing the sense of self or personal style

The workshop is open to dancers, musicians, actors, and to everybody who wants to explore strategies for negotiating the body's inner rhythm and shared rhythms.

The Polyrythmic Body live wks in Thessaloniki

Lorenzo Gasperoni - live concert

Francesca Pedullà solo - masque blanche

Morning Training : x1 class 10€ / x3 classes 25€

Lab Class with Candidates : x1 class 5€ / x3 classes 15€

Teachers Lab : x3 days 50€

Weekend Intensive - Polyrhythmic body - : 125€

Reduced price in case you do everything: 190€ + 30€ (New workshop on 19/11) = 220€

Every activity is open to anyone interested
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